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Ocean Adventure: Souvenir Shop and Aquarium

Ocean Adventure has a souvenir shop that offers some cute furry creatures to take home. So if you’re fond of sea animals like dolphins or seals, this is the place to get one (fake ones of course). The smaller ones cost around 80-90 PHP while the gigantic Free Willies cost probably a thousand pesos.

Other souvenirs range from keychains, to bagtags, and mugs.

For the aquarium feature, click 

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Subic’s Zoobic Safari

On my previous post, I shared with you the excitement of visiting Ocean Adventure in Subic, Zambales. It’s a haven for all creatures and critters that swim in the deep seas. But somewhere along the rainforests of Subic lies a sanctuary for a different set of animals. And I’m talking about Zoobic Safari. Continue reading “Subic’s Zoobic Safari”

Ark Avilon Adventure

Back in 2008, I visited this newly opened mini-zoo in Tiendesitas, Pasig. Sprouting from the popular appeal of Avilon Zoo in Rizal, was this scaled-down animal sanctuary called Ark Avilon. Continue reading “Ark Avilon Adventure”

Dolphin Show: Subic Ocean Adventure

One of the most awaited attractions in Ocean Adventure is the Dolphin Friends Show. Children go crazy over a bunch of dolphins. And I have to admit, even I was a bit excited to see them perform. Who could resist the adorable faces of these creatures anyway? (And I have to blame Free Willy for that.)

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Subic Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure in Subic is a five hour trip from Metropolitan Manila. This is our destination for the school’s field trip. This is also my first time to visit the place.

Located at the shoreline of Subic Bay, Ocean Adventure showcases some sea attractions and shows for both kids and adults. It’s mainly a sea park and NOT a theme park so don’t expect to see rides and roller coasters here like Ocean Park or Seaworld in the US. It’s a modest, small encampment, where animals are bred to entertain visitors.

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