It’s quite unusual to find something like this in a rigid, corporate city like Singapore. Whimsical designs, eccentric artistry, and crazy colors are usually reserved for cultures where self-expression is highlighted. Spain is no stranger to this, as with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Gaudi. And Gaudi’s work is very much alive at the Sentosa Merlion Park in Singapore.

It’s like walking inside a set of Alice in Wonderland. Odd curves and mosaics of varying colors distort a city landscape that is dominated by lines and predictable patterns. It recalls a time period when Art Nouveau was the trend in architecture. And Singapore seems to have embraced this kind of eccentricity, adding diversity to an otherwise straightforward landscape.

If you have the time to spare, do visit this nice little park. It’s also a gateway to the tallest Merlion structure in Singapore.