After having a heavenly sip of hot cocoa (in my Take That Max Brenner post), I continue my Blue Mountains Chocolate Cafe “eating spree” with their drool-worthy desserts.

The weather was terrible so nature-trekking and viewing the “Three Sisters” were crossed out of our itinerary. Instead we headed off to Blue Mountains Cafe to grab a bit of sunshine in the form of chocolate and desserts.

The moment I entered the cafe, I already knew that this will be a gastronomic experience.

On the Drinks MENU: Coco, tea, ice cream? I recommend their “real hot chocolate” for $5.95!

>> More yummy pictures after the jump!

These are the cakes displayed for the day. They got cheesecakes, tortes, moist chiffons, and even brownies.

These are just SOME of their chocolates. Oh man oh man. What else could your sweet tooth ask for right? Pralines, chocolate-coated biscuits, truffles, marzipans, choc blocks with caramel filling or with nougat, chocolates with nuts… It’s crazy good!

Look at these delightful strawberry marzipans! It’s those little candies that go perfect for a Halloween Trick or Treat!

Champagne truffles! These little munchkins aren’t for children but having something sweet and bitter together in one ball… It’s a delight!

Whether it’s Christmas or not, there’s always the Gingerbread man!

A platoon of praline bears for $2.00 each? Well, this sergeant is in need of a chocolate army! But seriously, these are REALLY good. No kidding!

Not all cakes are purely sweet. Here’s a zesty dessert- the baked lemon and lime tart!

Below is the decadence of how a chocolate cake SHOULD be! Moist…firm… you can feel the smooth and velvety texture of the chocolate as you bite! The heaviness of the flavour makes you crave for more surely!

On top is the heavenly and light mango torte. A slight opposite of the chocolate cake, the experience is different from its darker counterpart. This one is fluffy, soft like a cloud, and leaves lighter notes on your palette.

Blocks of chocolate stacked on top of another. Amount of cocoa in these bars vary in amount giving you white, brown, and dark variants. This is something you would want to take home just in case you just couldn’t get enough!

Talk about old time chocolates! Way before cartons and tin foil, chocolates were packed in tin cans. Now this is something vintage you could take home!

What would a chocolate shop be without chocolate coins! I can say that the coins they sell here have a BIGGER value. One coin is already big enough to cover my palm! Care for some change?

This is how their chocolate is processed. They wouldn’t let me in to check out the secret ingredients though.

Now this is some good ‘ol advertising. Hand drawn posters with little chocolate creatures? Cute!

Oh and I forgot to mention! They make and sell their own GELATO too!

Behind me are vintage posters of chocolate. BTW, that’s just beside the toilet. I was supposed to take a leak!

Anyway, you’ve seen the pictures and I hope they’re delicious enough to make you come to this place!

Where to find it?